Thursday, 18 June 2009

Edward Hopper: The Difference A Painter Makes

The new issue of Aperture magazine has a great feature about Edward Hopper and modern photography. Jeffrey Fraenkel picks up on Geoff Dyer's lovely quote that Hopper "could claim to be the most influential American photographer of the twentieth century - even though he didn't take any photographs." You can order the magazine here or see a couple of the pics below...

Edward Hopper, Intermission, 1963

Lee Friedlander, New York City, 1962


  1. Love this Friedlander photo, had not seen it before. Don't know if you're still in Paris, but the Biblioteque Nationale had an expo of 1960's era photos recently, the book from the expo is a good collection, with some of LF's work in it. Cheers...

  2. Do we know that Hopper took no photos or just that he never published any? Did he ever work from photographic images?