Friday, 14 August 2009

Hip Detours #1 - Antonio Santin

I come across plenty of great young(ish) artists and photographers online that I want to share and so I've come up with a quick format for this going forward. In a bid to turn a few more people on to their work, I'm going to offer you condensed tasters of their latest output, with a link to finding out more. Here's the first, I hope I end up uncovering something new that you like... 

Antonio Santin

The Jive Talk
“Santin’s images are imbued with a provocative edge, a painterly violation of photographic intentions - whilst simultaneously suggesting a celebration of the freedom of paint, enlivening an image from the flatness and fixed, controlled nature of the photographic image.”
- Rollo Contemporary Art press release

The Hip Walk
Spookily photorealistic portraits of women drowning in milk

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