Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Robert Boynes: A Brand New Start

Right, things are going to change around here. I've subtly reworded the title panel of Hip Walk, so now this site will be devoted to the visual inspirations that are feeding my other photoblog Art of the City
     Between my day job (writing) and freelance work (more writing), I've been finding that I keep unearthing great artists, designers and photographers, but often find myself wordless in my spare time. So in the spirit of sharing and keeping things ticking over much more frequently, I'm going to put images up as I come across them. Also, the "mid-20th century" label has gone. Hip Walk will no doubt still be centred on - and influenced by - that period because that's what I love but hopefully this allows me room for more diversions.
     Anyway, to kick things off, here is a work by Robert Boynes, a 60-something artist from Australia that I've only just discovered...

Robert Boynes, Exit, 2007

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  1. Hiya, thanks for posting this work by Robert Boynes... we've represented him for about eighteen years and I love stumbling across blogs featuring his works... many thanks!
    Brenda May